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General information

The gastroenterology consultations included in the H-T. Medical Center (H-T. MC) has been offering services in the diagnosis and therapy of the digestive tract since May 1994. Originally it was located in 17 Nałkowska Street, Tychy. Considering the range of performed endoscopic examinations, the number of consultations and recommendations of the National Consultant for Gastroenterology , the location of the H-T. MC was changed August 1, 1997   The endoscopic and ultrasonographic examinations and consultations are performed by the qualified doctors, including the staff of the Gastroenterology Department, Silesian University of Medicine. The H-T.MC is open daily, except for Sundays. As requested or due to the operations (polypectomy, esophageal rubber banding etc ) it is possible to perform the examination under general anesthesia.  

Except for gastroenterologic services there are consultations in oncology, general and vascular surgery, children neurosurgery and children diseases.

The registration in person or by phone:

Monday-Friday, 11:00 – 18:00, Saturdays, 9:00 – 13:00.

Telephone number: (+48 32) 219 08 05

Fax number: (+48 32) 217 53 60

The H-T. MC employs medical doctors in the above specialties.

The services rendered by the H-T.MC, such as consultations in gastroenterology, surgery and selected therateutic endoscopic examinations in gastroenterology are offered according to the national insurance system, too.